Understanding Minimum Wage Changes: Are You Compensating Employees Fairly?

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Navigating minimum wage is an important practice for you as a business owner to make sure you are fairly compensating your employees and are remaining compliant with local laws.  Read More

What is the Value of TPC Vision?

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Today’s businesses need additional support beyond hiring and managing employees. If your business is doing well and thriving, chances are that you currently need or will need help with recruitment,… Read More

​​Don't Spoil The Bunch: 7 Tips for Becoming an Effective Leader

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Becoming a greater leader in your workplace and within your professional life overall begins by taking actionable, purposeful steps towards that end. Keep in mind, if you put a rotting peach in the… Read More

Do You Know Everything There is to Know About I-9?

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has kickstarted a surge in remote employment, it is still as important and vital as ever to have any person employed at a place of business complete an I-9 form. This is… Read More

Employee Training: What Does TPC Offer?

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Imagine yourself as a new hire at a job you’ve been fighting for and interviewing for for weeks. You’ve earned your seat here, but now that you are actually here, you are a bit overwhelmed with the… Read More

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