Employee Agreements: An Essential Part of Onboarding

The Payroll Company Employee Retention, Employee Benefits, Onboarding

Onboarding is a key aspect of an employee’s future with your company. It is the introductory process you have to fit your newly hired employees into your organization as seamlessly as possible. Read More

The First 90 Days: How to Help Your Employees Succeed

The Payroll Company How To Onboard New Hires — Virtually The Payroll C, Employee Retention, Onboarding

Congratulations, your search for the perfect employee is over! You have found them, finally! Now, since you have spent hard-earned money and your valuable time recruiting this top talent, you want to… Read More

HR Laws & Regulations are Changing: Why Compliance is Key

The Payroll Company Company Culture, Compliance, Rules & Regulations, Onboarding, Leadership, HR Management

According to ADP Research Institute, employment lawsuits have increased some 400% in the last 20 years. Read More

A Wake-Up Call: 6 Things You Should Be Doing to Recruit Top-Talent

The Payroll Company Recruitment, Company Culture, Interview Questions, Employee Benefits, Onboarding, Recruiting Strategies That Work

According to a Willis Towers Watson’s 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, some 44% of employees are considered “job seekers.”  Read More

Employee Retention: Be the Company You Would Want to Work For

The Payroll Company TPC Vision, Benefits, Company Culture, Retention, Employee Retention, Flexible work week, Employee Benefits, Onboarding, Development, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Becoming the company you want to work for is a good mindset to have when thinking about how to retain employees in the age of the Great Resignation. Read More

Do You Know Everything There is to Know About I-9?

The Payroll Company HR and Payroll Solutions, TPC Vision, Human Resources, Payroll, Onboarding, HR Management

While the COVID-19 pandemic has kickstarted a surge in remote employment, it is still as important and vital as ever to have any person employed at a place of business complete an I-9 form. This is… Read More

Employee Training: What Does TPC Offer?

The Payroll Company TPC Vision, Retention, Employee Retention, Onboarding, Training, Remote Employees

Imagine yourself as a new hire at a job you’ve been fighting for and interviewing for for weeks. You’ve earned your seat here, but now that you are actually here, you are a bit overwhelmed with the… Read More

Missed Your New Year's Resolutions? Meet Your Business Goals with These HR Solutions

The Payroll Company HR and Payroll Solutions, Human Resources, Recruitment, Payroll, Employee Retention, Onboarding, Training

What are your business resolutions or goals for 2022? Are they starting out looking dim and unattainable? Are they HR-related, or would HR implementation or change help you make those resolutions to… Read More

The True Cost of an Inefficient Hiring Process

The Payroll Company Human Resources, Recruitment, Company Culture, Retention, Employee Retention, Onboarding

If you’ve onboarded enough new employees, you’ve undoubtedly had that nagging suspicion that on at least a few occasions you’ve made a mistake. The new hires don’t seem to be as experienced as they… Read More

The Importance of Integrated Application Software When Recruiting

The Payroll Company HR and Payroll Solutions, TPC Vision, Human Resources, Recruitment, Onboarding

Finding the right applicant to fill a position is no easy task. After all, it involves many steps including getting the word out about your position and then sorting through sometimes thousands of… Read More

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