How Do Employee Benefits Affect Compensation Value

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There is a common misconception that employee compensation in the form of a salary or a wage is completely distinct from benefits. The terms “compensation” and “benefits” don't always mean the same… Read More

The War on Wages: How to Navigate Employee Compensation

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As we enter the post-pandemic world through 2022, compensation management remains top of mind for employers. Demands for higher wages are evident in our current economy and the job market. Read More

Understanding Minimum Wage Changes: Are You Compensating Employees Fairly?

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Navigating minimum wage is an important practice for you as a business owner to make sure you are fairly compensating your employees and are remaining compliant with local laws.  Read More

What is the Value of TPC Vision?

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Today’s businesses need additional support beyond hiring and managing employees. If your business is doing well and thriving, chances are that you currently need or will need help with recruitment,… Read More

What's The Right PTO Policy for Your Company?

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Paid Time Off or PTO is a vital part of your company’s benefits package. Having a good PTO policy can help you attract and then retain the very best employees. Read More

Top 5 Signs You May Need to Evaluate Your Compensation Plan

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You want to keep your employees happy, inviting their loyalty and encouraging them to keep up their hard work. You don’t want to replace them or have to fill recently vacated spots. Therefore,… Read More

Make Compensation Management Work for You

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Compensation management is a specialized HR discipline that involves the planning, development and implementation of monetary (e.g., wages) and non-monetary (e.g., benefits) pay strategies. The goal… Read More

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