Employee Agreements: An Essential Part of Onboarding

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Onboarding is a key aspect of an employee’s future with your company. It is the introductory process you have to fit your newly hired employees into your organization as seamlessly as possible. Read More

The Essential New Hire Checklist

The Payroll Company Why Training Your Employees Is Good for Retention, How To Onboard New Hires — Virtually The Payroll C, Employee Retention

  New hire onboarding is one of, if not the most important part of the hiring process. A thorough and effective onboarding process sets the tone and expectations of a new hire, so it is important to… Read More

9 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation This Summer

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As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, it is the ideal time to recognize the hard work of your employees and plan something special. Recognizing and rewarding employee efforts can… Read More

The First 90 Days: How to Help Your Employees Succeed

The Payroll Company How To Onboard New Hires — Virtually The Payroll C, Employee Retention, Onboarding

Congratulations, your search for the perfect employee is over! You have found them, finally! Now, since you have spent hard-earned money and your valuable time recruiting this top talent, you want to… Read More

The Great Reshuffle: Competitive Recruitment Tactics to Attract Quality Talent

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Many of us lived through The Great Resignation. Today, we are living in the wake of it, in a time called The Great Reshuffle. This trend means people are leaving their jobs at an increasingly high… Read More

How Do Employee Benefits Affect Compensation Value

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There is a common misconception that employee compensation in the form of a salary or a wage is completely distinct from benefits. The terms “compensation” and “benefits” don't always mean the same… Read More

7 Ways Employee Mentoring Can Help Lead to Growth and Success

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Some 70% of American workers are currently disengaged at their work. This figure tends to improve with the addition of good mentoring programs, but in general, employees without the benefit of… Read More

A Delicate Situation: An Employee Off-Boarding Process Checklist

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Departures are always a bittersweet process, especially when you don’t want to let an employee go but have no choice, or they decide to leave or retire. Read More

The War on Wages: How to Navigate Employee Compensation

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As we enter the post-pandemic world through 2022, compensation management remains top of mind for employers. Demands for higher wages are evident in our current economy and the job market. Read More

Employee Retention: Be the Company You Would Want to Work For

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Becoming the company you want to work for is a good mindset to have when thinking about how to retain employees in the age of the Great Resignation. Read More

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