Not Just a Trend: How to Foster Professional Growth and Development

The Payroll Company Company Culture, Millennials, Employee Retention, Employee Benefits, Training, Development

Professional growth and development refer to both continuing education and career training after a person has entered the workforce. This development can include staying up to date on current trends,… Read More

The Great Resignation: How To Improve Your Employee Turnover

The Payroll Company Recruitment, Company Culture, Employee Retention

In a year’s time, so much has changed. People are rethinking their careers and examining how they are valued at their jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic led to the biggest recession in U.S. history, and the… Read More

​​360 Reviews: How To Do It Right

The Payroll Company HR and Payroll Solutions, Company Culture, Retention, Employee Retention

Many employers choose to conduct reviews and give feedback on a 1:1 basis, but a professional HR consultant team can guide your managers on a successful 360 review implementation to establish a… Read More

Go Paperless: Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly HR Department

The Payroll Company HR and Payroll Solutions, Human Resources, Retention, Employee Retention, Rules & Regulations, Onboarding

Many companies have turned to paperless solutions for a clean, fast, and efficient onboarding process for new hires. This singular solution works for industries of all sizes, automating processes… Read More

Finding the Right Time Tracking System for Your Company

The Payroll Company Human Resources, Payroll, Employee Retention

Did you know that by not effectively automating your time and attendance, you could be costing your company 7% of its gross payroll annually? For this reason and others, many businesses must be able… Read More

7 Ways to Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Workforce

The Payroll Company Company Culture, Employee Retention

There is the potential for workplaces of every type and size to become static as opposed to dynamic.  A static workplace is problematic for a number of reasons.  The lack of change and diverse… Read More

Tips for Successful Succession Planning

The Payroll Company Employee Retention

You have worked hard to build your business into the successful company it is today. While its current state is important, obviously, and your success is admirable, to have a truly lasting legacy, a… Read More

12 Tips for Getting Employees to Stay Long Term

The Payroll Company Employee Retention

Finding new employees is an arduous task in today’s ultra-competitive market. If you find your turn-over rate is less than desirable and find yourself always having to look for new employees to fill… Read More

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