The Great Reshuffle: Competitive Recruitment Tactics to Attract Talent

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The Great Reshuffle Competitive Recruitment Tactics to Attract Quality TalentMany of us lived through The Great Resignation. Today, we are living in the wake of it, in a time called The Great Reshuffle. This trend means people are leaving their jobs at an increasingly high rate, looking for new ones.

Consequently, there are lots of potential candidates out there whom you could be hiring. The trick is, though, that they as employees are more selective than perhaps ever before. Therefore, in order to stay competitive in your recruitment and maintain quality retention rates, you need to evaluate your business and offer even more benefits.

Opportunity in The Great ReshuffleRecruiting-strategies-that-work

Although it can be a difficult situation to be in as an employer, you should look at The Great Reshuffle as a unique opportunity, helping you attract top talent who will not only want to come work for your business but will stay and be happy contributors. Read on to learn more about how to stay competitive in this cut-throat environment:

What Can You Do to Stay Competitive as an Employer During The Great Reshuffle?

The following are some actionable ways you can stay competitive as an employer in today’s Great Reshuffle market:

  • Be Open to Potential Change: Change is a constant part of life and should also be embraced in the business world. As an employer, be willing to note the changes that need to take place in terms of your office policies and benefits and what can be improved upon. After all, just because something worked in years past, in terms of finding talent, doesn’t mean that it will continue to work in today’s competitive market. You might have to change, so be open to this possibility.

  • Rethink Your Employer Brand: Begin to rethink your business’s reputation and brand as an employer. You want to create a brand known for being a good place to work. One way is to consider what you need to alter to get there, then determine ways to make it happen.

  • Start by Identifying What You do Offer, and Spotlight it: When you determine what makes your company a great place to work, make sure you spotlight this as a selling point. In essence, you are selling your business to potential employees.

  • Give Attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Make sure that you are paying attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion within your work environment. This is vitally important as our culture has become more and more aware when these issues are left addressed.HR-Managed-Services
  • Offer a Flexible Work Environment: Flex hours are extremely popular right now in the majority of the workforce. If your business is able to offer flexible hours, or allow your employees to work remotely from home, make sure you are giving that option. Offering flexibility in your working environment is a great way to give you a competitive edge when recruiting, as well as retaining employees.

  • Offer Competitive Benefits: It’s important to maintain a competitive standard when it comes to benefits for employees. This means looking at your competitors and seeing what they are offering and making sure you are doing at least that if not more.

  • Offer Non-Traditional Benefits and Perks: Speaking of more, consider offering even more benefits and perks that might be a little non-traditional. For example, you can offer gym memberships, pet leave, free meals, discounts on local events, counseling, and more.

Employees and Job Seekers Demand More

Today’s employees and job seekers are demanding more than ever before. Therefore, in order to maintain a good heading in the sea of The Great Reshuffle, you must keep the above tips in mind and implement them into your company policy. Don’t look only at the difficulties that can come of this time, but instead look at how it can prompt you to improve your company environment for the better!


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