Out-of-the-Box Employee Benefits That Attract Candidates

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Out-of-the-Box Employee Benefits That Attract Candidates

Companies that go beyond the norm for their employee benefits packages help attract and retain amazing talent while positively transforming the company culture. Having these types of benefits also helps companies avoid the additional costs of having to train new employees because of high turnover. Companies who understand the power of a rapidly evolving workplace will reap the benefits.

What are some employee benefits most people look for and appreciate when seeking employment?

Flexible Work Weeks and Schedules

Let’s face it – everyone has things to do. The more an employer wants

to keep employees tethered to a 9-5 day, the harder it will be to keep them when competing alongside companies with more flexibility.

Hybrid Workplace

The pandemic taught a lot of lessons, but one of the biggest is that employees can work well

from home. Companies must learn how to adapt. Implementing a hybrid workplace where some employees work in the office and others from home helps tailor the environment to focus on where those employees are most productive. For some, it isn’t in an office.

Tuition Reimbursement

With people looking to learn more and expand their skillsets, companies that embrace this and provide incentives for employees to go back to school have happier employees which usually results in them moving up within the company instead of leaving to go elsewhere.

PTO for Volunteering

Where does your company stand on social impact? This is huge for many employees who value

corporations that want to give back. Giving employees PTO hours to go volunteer and help the community makes them feel good and you look good too!

Pet Insurance or a Pet-Friendly Office

Providing a group rate for those employees who want pet insurance is a great way to let them know you care about all the members of their families. Offices that have a pet daycare or facility where they can come when not feeling well or can’t stay at home make employees feel more comfortable and cut down on those who feel they must call in.

Gym Membership

Happy and healthy employees are always the goal. Providing discounts on a gym membership or having gym facilities on the campus demonstrates your concern for employee wellness.

Casual Dress Code

While corporate attire is not entirely dead, the casual dress code is continuously shifting toward the norm, especially with many people working from home. As a result, relaxed dress codes are considered the new normal, with professionals choosing neat comfort over style. Depending on how your employees work, adopting some form of a casual dress code shouldn’t fly under the radar.

Unlimited PTO

Companies that care about whether the employee gets the job done and not so much about them being tied to specific days and times may experience higher levels of productivity. According to a 2019 employee benefits trends survey from MetLife, unlimited PTO was at the top of the benefits list among those surveyed. With quite a few big companies offering this incentive, you’ll be in good company.

Know of other benefit ideas that are working for your company? Let us know in the comments! For more guidance planning your strategy for employee benefits for your business, give us a call. We're here to help!



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