The Payroll Company: The Story of Our Name

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Everybody Wide Final2_2013Founded in 2001 in Springfield, Missouri, TPC was initially just a payroll processor. They were the people who made prepping for payday easy.

Initially, our objective was to handle the minutiae of all things payroll so that business leaders could maintain focus on their company. So, in short, that is really where our name comes from—The Payroll Company (TPC). However, as our customer base grew, we saw where we could fill a greater need to best serve our clients and help them in all parts of human resource management. Payroll is, after all, just one cog in the metaphorical wheel of the human resource process. So as TPC continuously grew, it became a partner that provided More Than Payroll.

It All Started with Two People in 2001Greg Kollmeyer

TPC was founded on a napkin (that’s not a joke…)  by two young professionals who attended high school and college together. Who were these two individuals? Jeff Hunter and Greg Kollmeyer were these former classmates who put their minds together to create their brainchild, TPC. So in 2001, Jeff Hunter quit his job and hired Kim Payne (Powers) to process local businesses' payrolls, which officially started TPC.

Jeff was active in developing the business at first, while Greg was more of a behind-the-scenes partner. Then as the business grew, Greg became more and more involved. But what inspired them to begin what is now TPC? They saw a need for a local payroll provider, because at the time in Springfield, the area just had the large national providers, and Jeff and Greg both saw the void for a local provider to provide quality payroll administration for local businesses.Greg Kollmeyer (1)

We Lead By Example

Since our inception, TPC has seen success largely due to the amazing team of talented employees that have grown in number while the company has grown. People who come to work for TPC don’t leave, and those who do usually have a good reason (like retirement!). The reason? We have worked hard to create an environment where our team members have a voice and feel empowered to pursue the things that are important to them, either through career advancement or activism. 

And speaking of activism, we’re big about giving back. Whether it's through the non-profits we work with, or our coordinated volunteer events, we like to stay engaged with the community. That’s not to mention the number of causes our employees support outside of the office—these are people who are passionate about improving the lives of others around them, and they bring this passion to work with them each day.

We Succeed When Our Clients and Partners Succeed

We aim to serve our clients as best as we can. Their success is our success, and that is why we have continued to expand our HR services and offerings since our founding. We are honored to have developed professional relationships through this with businesses right here in our Springfield community and beyond. Here is what just a few of our clients have to say: 

"TPC gave me a solid foundation to stand on."

- Don L., General Contractor/Small Business Owner

"It used to take me over 1.5 hrs to do payroll, but with TPC I can have it done in 15 minutes."

- Lucinda M., HR Director, Local Bank

"In the absence of HR leadership, TPC has been a resource for the HR Generalist on all things HR."

- Vice President of Finance, Pharmaceutical Compounding Industry

Fast forward to today, and TPC is a one-stop HR shop for businesses. We not only handle payroll administration, but we help recruit, onboard, develop training programs, and enhance company culture so that you can improve your business's retention rates. Additionally, TPC handles all the confusing and ever-changing employment laws, assorted legalese, taxes, and mandatory reporting documents so that you can rest assured that your business is staying within compliance standards. We are your full-service HR department just a phone call away!

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