The Importance of Integrated Application Software When Recruiting

The Payroll Company HR and Payroll Solutions, TPC Vision, Human Resources, Recruitment, Onboarding

Finding the right applicant to fill a position is no easy task. After all, it involves many steps including getting the word out about your position and then sorting through sometimes thousands of… Read More

The First-Timers Guide To Outsourcing Their Payroll

The Payroll Company The TPC Difference, HR and Payroll Solutions, Payroll

Outsourcing your payroll doesn’t have to be intimidating or confusing when you use the right providers. The main benefit you get when hiring a full-service payroll company is the broad experience… Read More

New Year's Resolutions: Implementing a Fresh Start for Your Company's HR

The Payroll Company Human Resources, Proactively Managing Your HR, HR Management

With the New Year comes the perfect opportunity to evaluate your annual budget and your company goals for the year. After all, it's a time of year when we all tend to look back at what we have done… Read More

All I Want For Christmas is Less HR Stress

The Payroll Company Human Resources, Company Culture, Flexible work week, HR Management, PTO

While the holidays are times of joy, they can also be extremely tiring and stressful. After all, there are a litany of events and/or parties to attend not to mention a to-do or gift list a mile long… Read More

25 Creative Ways To Say Thank You To Your Employees

The Payroll Company Company Culture, Employee Retention, Leadership

Employees thrive when they know their professional contributions have meaning, and that they are making a difference. So, taking time to say thank you to individual employees, or your team as a… Read More

What's The Right PTO Policy for Your Company?

The Payroll Company Benefits, Payroll, Compensation Management, Retention, Employee Retention, PTO

Paid Time Off or PTO is a vital part of your company’s benefits package. Having a good PTO policy can help you attract and then retain the very best employees. Read More

How to Navigate Recent COVID-19 Mandates & Regulations

The Payroll Company Post-Pandemic Business Plan, Covid Vaccine, COVID-19, Rules & Regulations

Back in September 2021, President Biden announced he was planning active steps with the Department of Labor to get more Americans vaccinated in efforts to help control the spread of COVID-19.  Read More

Change on the Horizon? Consider Evaluating Your HR Management

The Payroll Company HR and Payroll Solutions, Human Resources, HR Management

As a business owner, as your company scales, having the right HR capabilities in place can make a huge difference in the organization and functionality of how things work. One of the biggest… Read More

Rural Recruitment: Challenges and Tips for Success

The Payroll Company Recruitment, Employee Retention, Remote Employees

Recruiting in rural areas can come with a unique set of challenges. Of course, whether you are located in a rural area or not and your business’s success and reputation are vital, which presents all… Read More

How To Make Diversity and Inclusion a Priority When Recruiting

The Payroll Company Recruitment, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Recruiting Strategies That Work

When attracting and retaining candidates, it’s important to be inclusive. Giving equal opportunity to everyone regardless of their differences starts with understanding any inherent biases that may… Read More

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