Top 5 Signs You May Need to Evaluate Your Compensation Plan

The Payroll Company Compensation Management

You want to keep your employees happy, inviting their loyalty and encouraging them to keep up their hard work. You don’t want to replace them or have to fill recently vacated spots. Therefore,… Read More

12 Tips for Getting Employees to Stay Long Term

The Payroll Company Employee Retention

Finding new employees is an arduous task in today’s ultra-competitive market. If you find your turn-over rate is less than desirable and find yourself always having to look for new employees to fill… Read More

Checklist for Proactively Avoiding a DOL Audit

The Payroll Company Compliance, Department of Labor

While the dreaded Department of Labor (DOL) or Wage and Hour Audit for HR compliance might seem like the big bad wolf arriving at your door seeking only to do you harm, in actuality, it’s quite… Read More

Doing Bonus Pay the Right Way

The Payroll Company Compliance, Department of Labor, Employee Bonus Pay

We get many questions regarding how to issue bonus pay correctly. Unfortunately, long gone are the days that you can merely cut a check without worry. Now, the Department of Labor (DOL) classifies… Read More

Where Do I Find My Best Employees?

The Payroll Company Recruitment

Did you know that the cost of hiring a new employee can range from $4,000 to $7,650 in today’s competitive market? Did you also know that it takes on average between 40 and 52 days to fill a vacant… Read More

Strategies for Reducing Staff Turnover

The Payroll Company Staff turnover, Retention

Recruitment is vitally important to creating a team of employees, but it shouldn’t be the singular focus. Employee retainment can be just as, if not more important to your company’s success. After… Read More

Tips for Asking the Right Interview Questions?

The Payroll Company Recruitment, Interview Questions

Garnering interest in your job is challenging enough, especially in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. It’s harder and harder to interest potential employees and to get them to show up for an… Read More

How Do I Recruit Millennials?

The Payroll Company Recruitment, Millennials

According to a Pew Research study, millennials currently make up the largest generation in the labor force, representing one in every three individuals in the labor force. Consequently, you as a… Read More

A Guide for Successfully Transitioning Back to an Office Environment

The Payroll Company Post-Pandemic Business Plan, COVID-19, Back to work

Many businesses are facing unique challenges as they transition back to work from a remote setup. While it’s an exciting prospect to return to some semblance of normalcy post-COVID, the transitioning… Read More

Can We Require Our Employees to Get the COVID Vaccine?

The Payroll Company Covid Vaccine

Approximately a year after the world stopped turning due to the COVID pandemic, businesses all over the nation are now slowly starting to reopen their doors for business. While employees have been… Read More

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