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cant-reach-your-rep-the-tpc-differenceWe all have experienced the annoyance of being on hold with a provider, listening to the waiting music blaring through the speakerphone that seems to drone on and on seemingly forever, simply wishing someone, anyone, would pick up the phone.

This situation is made even more aggravating when you are a business trying to communicate with your payroll or HR rep. After all, when it comes to operating a business, time is money.

At TPC, we provide a dedicated payroll specialist so you know when you have a question, you can talk to a real person who knows your business and workforce need

Read on to learn more about TPC and how we differ from our competitors in a variety of ways. Say goodbye to automated recordings and cookie-cutter replies, thanks to the TPC difference:

We Are More Than Payroll

TPC offers more services than those relegated to the payroll realm. We also provide workforce solutions aimed at making your business run more seamlessly. At TPC, we proudly offer the following services that set us apart from other companies:HR-Compliance-Review

HR Solutions

We provide solutions to your payroll and HR needs. You can let us handle it all! At TPC, we understand that the success of your business directly correlates with the success of your team overall. For your team to work well today, you need an HR solution that works efficiently and quickly. This includes all manner of HR-related services including recruitment, payroll, overseeing time and attendance, employee benefits, and improved employee retention. This means you can hand off your HR responsibilities with full assurance that we at TPC will handle it, allowing you to focus on the nuts and bolts of running your business.

Treating People Right

We are committed to treating people right, which means not only do we treat our customers well, but we also treat our employees well. Consequently, our employees stay put and are highly specialized, so you are sure to get to know your dedicated specialist well throughout your working relationship. In other words, at TPC, we offer stability, so you will get to know the people you work with regularly on your account and be assured someone is on your side should an issue arise. You don’t have to worry about dealing with a stranger on the other end of the line when an employee has an HR emergency.

Real People Answering Phones

Sure it might seem outdated or at the very least unimportant. However, if you have ever negotiated with an automated recording or been cast into please-listen-as-our-options-may-have-changed-menu-limbo, you know how important simply answering the phone is. We happen to think that’s especially the case when it comes to payroll and/or HR. Therefore, as part of our core beliefs, we are committed to having real people answering our phones.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

If you are ever not satisfied with our payroll or HR management solutions, we are committed to making it right. Customer service is of the utmost importance and ensuring that all our customers are happy with their service is vital. If there is ever anything you are unhappy with or are simply unclear on in terms of service, we encourage questions and welcome feedback. We want to provide you with the best service possible.Download-your-free-ebook-Recruiting-Strategies-That-Work

Recruitment Tactics

At TPC, we will help you with your recruiting tactics, enabling you to fill current vacancies within your company with highly qualified candidates who will become valuable team members. Hiring new employees in today’s ultra-competitive job market is no easy task, nor is it cheap. In fact, it takes between 40 and 52 days on average and between $4,000 to $7,600 to hire a new employee. We help you find the diamonds in the rough and get you the right individuals for the job as quickly as possible.


We also help you with your employees’ schedules, time-off requests, and more. This allows you to spend your time getting work done instead of spending hours each day managing employee time and attendance. We understand that the process of overseeing several employees' schedules can be time-consuming, and we want to help you with this process, taking this time-draining exercise off your hands.

Learning Management and Employee Engagement

Finally, our services not only help us retain our employees, but they also help you do the same within your company. After all, once you find good quality team members, you don’t want to lose them, so we come alongside you and help you create solutions giving employees incentives to stay put and become a long-term part of your brand.

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contact-us-botton-for-tpcWe are a one-stop shop for businesses today. With TPC, you can recruit the best talent, onboard new hires, create training programs, and formulate a company culture within which your employees will want to remain.

We are your full-service HR department and just a quick phone call away!


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