Finding the Right Time Tracking System for Your Company

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Finding the Right Time Tracking System for Your Company

Did you know that by not effectively automating your time and attendance, you could be costing your company 7% of its gross payroll annually? For this reason and others, many businesses must be able to keep an account of employee time. Current solutions might include a clunky and hard-to-use timeclock in the employee break room to self- reports that might be based on rushed and inaccurate estimates of time spent.

The good news is that today you have a greater range of reasonable options than ever before. The best time and attendance systems are effective, easy to use and will allow employees to be properly compensated while the business receives appropriate value from their work.

If you’re in charge of HR for your company, you can depend on The Payroll Company (TPC) as a trusted advisor in your search for the best time tracking system for your needs. We have platforms that recognize every company’s unique challenges, obstacles and custom requirements and can provide workable solutions or all.

Smooth Operations

Additional advantages of the best solutions are that they’re easy to manage and help keep payroll processes moving smoothly and accurately. Employees aren’t arguing about the documented time or complaining about the size of their paychecks due to work hours missed.

So the right system won’t lower morale, take employees off task or cause extra headaches for your HR and payroll responsibilities.

Your Digital Options

Digital technology has advanced far beyond the noisy and easy-to-fool timeclock you might still be using. Today’s attendance documenting options can include mobile apps for time tracking while employees are away from your central location.

Another option is biometric time clocks which can track an employee by fingerprint, or other impossible to replicate features. This is a virtually unbeatable technology that defeats the “buddy clock” scam, whereby employees punch in for absent friends.

A web-based virtual clock system might be the best option if most of your employees work from computers or are posted remotely.This can be an especially effective solution today, when more and more employees are working from home.

One thing that all of these solutions have in common is that they’re small and won’t take up the valuable space of a growing company. You also won’t have to provide storage space for time cards or time sheets or other physical paperwork. Digital documents are kept on your network or in the cloud, where they’re instantly accessible when they’re needed. No stuffed file cabinets or filled up rented storage space.

Reach Out to TPC

The point is, every business can have unique needs (and budget challenges) when it comes to their time tracking demands and realities. Reach out to TPC as soon as you realize the disadvantages of your current system and we’ll ask questions to better gauge your needs and partner with you in unveiling a solution that will deliver real benefits at real cost- and time-savings.

We’ll help you transition seamlessly to a process that can include these critical functions, among others:

  • Enter time and attendance
  • View schedules
  • Submit time off requests
  • Update personal information

In other words, today’s best attendance and time tracking solutions do more than merely track time and attendance. They handle many of the responsibilities that consume so much of your own HR department’s time and focus. For instance, how much time do you and your team spend arguing with workers about vacation days earned and taken?   

You can think of TPC as your one-stop shop for quality time and attendance systems that add efficiency and accuracy and cut labor.   

Don’t take our word for it. Make us show you a demo so you can see exactly how a TPC time and attendance solution will work for your company.


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