Recruiting Strategies That Work [eBook]

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How are your recruiting efforts going? If you're like many, the answer is "dismal." It's tough out there. What is typically a wave of resignations around certain times of the year has, since 2020, become a veritable tsunami. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021. At the end of the month, there were a record-breaking 10.9 million open jobs. Chances are...your company is hiring or at least trying to.


It doesn't seem that any industry is immune, though some are harder hit than others. According to the Harvard Business Review, tech and health care industries seem to have the highest rates of employee departure, but as we've seen, the effect on small to medium-size businesses is catastrophic. As a result, businesses are forced to take a long hard look at their recruiting processes. "Winging it" is a recipe for disaster. Success requires a plan...and that plan must adapt to a changing world or it won't work. 

That's why we opted to launch an eBook entitled, "Recruiting Strategies That Work." We are professional recruiters. We work with all sizes of businesses in all different industries across the country. If we were to give anyone a piece of advice, that recommendation would be to step back for a moment and examine HOW you're going about your hiring process. Success begins in the planning phase, well before a candidate ever sits in an interview. 

This ebook shares our top 10 strategies for creating a successful hiring plan. It covers everything from employee benefits options that will make a difference to placing ads, asking for referrals, writing job descriptions, and more. Compensation is key, as is diversity and inclusion. We also outline ways to future-proof your business by building a succession plan for key staff members. 

It's a lot of great information in one concise eBook...and it's free. 

Download your copy today and don't hesitate to give us a call if you have questions. We've seen a thing or two and can likely help you get on track. If you're like many business owners looking for every advantage you possibly can to weather this unemployment storm...this eBook will help you get started. A stronger system means a stronger outcome. 


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