More Than Payroll: Celebrating 20 Years of TPC

The Payroll Company TPC, 20 Years of TPC


Founded in 2001 in Springfield, Missouri, TPC was initially just a payroll processor—the guys who made prepping for payday easy. Our objective was to handle the minutiae of all things payroll so that business leaders could maintain focus on their company. In fact, that’s where our name comes from... The Payroll Company.

However, as our customer base grew, we saw where we could fill a greater need to best serve our clients and help them in all parts of team building, management, and retention. Payroll is, after all, just one part of the human resource process. So TPC grew as well, becoming a partner that provided More Than Payroll, but rather the full shebang.

Today, TPC is a one-stop-shop for businesses. We help you recruit top talent, onboard new hires, develop training programs, and enhance company culture so people never want to leave. Additionally, TPC handles all the confusing and ever-changing employment laws, assorted legalese, taxes, and mandatory reporting documents. We are your full-service HR department... just a phone call away.

So after 20 years of proudly serving businesses of all kinds, we have taken a moment to reflect on what sets TPC apart:

We Treat People Right

We believe in treating people right. This means that as a company, we have and will continue to treat our employees well and in turn have a low turnover rate. As a result, our customers will most likely work with the same person throughout your interaction with our company. 

One of our core beliefs is also in answering our phones. Like, actually answering our phones. When you call in with a question or concern, you can expect to be talking to an actual person. No robots here! We want to interact with each of our customers to ensure they receive the very best customer service possible. We also hire only the best, in terms of expertise and skill levels, which means if you have a question, we likely have the answer.

We Utilize Advanced Technology to Help Your Business

We understand that the thought of calling a provider with a question about some type of technological service or function can be confusing, intimidating and it for sure can waste time. Our team still remains committed to treating your time with respect. We will work to assist you as you incorporate software into your business systems. We take care of issues for you and are happy to answer any questions dealing with the technological integration of our systems. It’s no longer your problem!

What We Bring To The Table

So, in reflecting on our 20 years of being in business, we can proudly say that at TPC, we continue to be committed to the following:

  • HR Solutions: We provide solutions for your payroll and HR needs. You can let us handle it all!

  • Treating People Right: We treat you well and treat our employees well, so you get to know your contact.

  • Answering the Phone: We believe in answering our phones. Yes, it might seem small, but name another company that does that off the top of your head? See, it’s not that common these days.

  • Providing Exceptional Customer Service: We provide exemplary customer service to ensure you are happy with your payroll and/or HR management solutions. And if you are not, we will make it right.

  • Recruitment Tactics: We help you recruit and fill vacancies within your company.

  • Scheduling: We help you with schedules, time-off requests, and more. Let us help you with managing employee time and attendance.

  • Learning Management and Employee Engagement: We help you retain the right employees once you find and hire them. Not only are we committed to retaining our own employees, but we also help you do the same through our services.

The Payroll Company...your partner in effective and efficient HR Managed Services. Please visit our free resources page for a complete list of downloadable guides and self-assessments to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. Have any questions? Give us a call. We're here to help. 


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