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Originally published 4/14/21. Updated 3/8/22

HR can be a juggling act. Between recruiting, onboarding, and training...not to mention contracts, compensation, culture, and can be overwhelming. Add the list of acronyms peering over your shoulder: IRS, OSHA, FMLA, ACA, EEOC, and FLSA (to name a few), managing human resources should be an Olympic event. What if there were a way to systematize everything so that it runs cleanly and smoothly?

Good news. There is. What if we were to tell you that The Payroll Company is WAY more than payroll? TPC has evolved over the years - hence the website "" With the increase in responsibility for most Human Resource Directors comes the added stress and strain from managing the full scope of demands. Not to mention the difficulty most companies are having with hiring quality workers and the increasingly high cost of non-compliance, our clients have reached out to us for help.  The result is a breath of fresh air in the Human Resources world that we call TPC Vision

What is TPC Vision?

Here at The Payroll Company, we keep up with the challenges business owners face, and we do so proactively. For example, federal and state governments have passed more than 600 laws since 2020 that have a significant impact on employers. We understand that today’s businesses need additional support beyond hiring and managing employees.

TPC spends significant time getting to know your company’s strengths, pain points, and opportunities. We use the information we gather from your consultation and from visiting your business to assign a dedicated HR representative. This person is always available to provide you with feedback and resources, and you are welcome to contact your dedicated rep at any time. We call this the TPC Vision.

TPC’s HR Support Services

The three main areas of HR support we focus on at TPC are hiring, managing, and growth with the following sub-categories:

CompensationNew call-to-action

We study starting salaries in your industry and among your competitors to define a salary range that attracts the highest quality of candidates.

Employee Agreements

From non-compete disclosures to confidentiality agreements, we take care of the onboarding paperwork your business needs.

Employee Handbooks

All employees need to understand and abide by company policies, but handbooks can be tedious to produce. We create an Employee Handbook, customized for your organization, and help manage the distribution of employee handbooks. We also help make sure your handbook stays up-to-date with current requirements and regulations. 

Employee Relations

Disciplinary actions and creating recognition programs for outstanding work are just some employee relations services we provide.

Onboarding and Off-boarding

While employee retention is critical, workers come and go. We provide all administrative support for hiring and termination.

Performance Management

Employee performance reviews are essential but time-consuming. We create the documents, leaving only the review itself to your managers.


Hiring the most talented and efficient staff starts with the right recruitment process. We know how to find just the right people for your organization.

Training and Development

Need your employees to complete online training modules or a promotion track? We have you covered.

How We Can Help

Like most business owners, you are probably eager to get your company back into growth mode. However, you may not know where to start after dealing with business disruption for more than a year now.

TPC is available now to help you get the hiring process started once again. Our team of experts will manage the entire process for you, which frees up your time to get back to business. We offer customized employer plans for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

The Payroll Company understands that the HR support needs of every client are as unique as their business. Part of the TPC Vision is to support the goals of each client as though they were our own. We pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to HR, and not reactive - something not easily done given all the changes taking place. We appreciate the fact that our company can only succeed when your company does, and we work hard to gain your loyalty and trust.

Request a Quote or Demo

The experienced and committed staff at TPC is ready to help with your hiring needs now. We invite you to request a demo or a customized quote to learn more about our Vision HR Solutions. The Payroll Company maintains offices throughout the Midwest and can be there for your business, wherever you are located.


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