How to Seamlessly Switch Payroll Companies

The Payroll Company Payroll, Proactively Managing Your HR, HR Management

There are all kinds of reasons that your management team may need to change payroll providers. Regardless of why you're making the shift, it will impact the rest of your human resources (HR)… Read More

Compliance Issues: The High Cost of Non-Compliance

The Payroll Company Compliance, Compliance audit, Compliance RIsk

The litany of rules and regulations for businesses to follow is complex and constantly changing. From OSHA to HIPAA, FMLA, and EEOC, it takes a lot of comprehensive knowledge and organizational… Read More

Compliance Risk: 4 Red Flags for Your Business to Watch Out For

The Payroll Company Compliance, Compliance audit, Compliance RIsk

As a business, compliance can mean different things depending on the subject. In Human Resources, compliance encompasses legal and regulatory guidelines businesses must follow to avoid the legal… Read More

An Employer's Guide to Gen Z (Generation Z) Recruitment

The Payroll Company TPC Vision, Recruitment, Company Culture, Millennials, Flexible work week, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Recruiting Strategies That Work, Gen Z

Generation Z employees are entering the workforce at increased rates. Consequently, it’s important to understand this generation, their values, and their skills in order to effectively recruit them… Read More

3 Ways to Combat Compliance Risk for Your Business

The Payroll Company Company Culture, Compliance, Rules & Regulations, Training

Compliance is costly. No matter what industry you find your business in, there is always room for compliance risk that can threaten financial ruin for your company. Read More

The Great Reshuffle: Competitive Recruitment Tactics to Attract Quality Talent

The Payroll Company Benefits, Recruitment, Company Culture, Retention, Employee Retention, Flexible work week, Employee Benefits, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Recruiting Strategies That Work

Many of us lived through The Great Resignation. Today, we are living in the wake of it, in a time called The Great Reshuffle. This trend means people are leaving their jobs at an increasingly high… Read More

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