Why Effective Job Descriptions are Vital to Any Recruitment Process

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While effective job descriptions are essential to the recruitment process, they are often put off until the last minute. A recent survey found that one-third of new hires left their jobs after only… Read More

A Delicate Situation: An Employee Off-Boarding Process Checklist

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Departures are always a bittersweet process, especially when you don’t want to let an employee go but have no choice, or they decide to leave or retire. Read More

Trust the Payroll Experts: W2 & Tax Filing Tips for Your Business

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Running a successful business with satisfied customers and fulfilled employees is hard enough without adding the complexity of filing taxes each year. Read More

The War on Wages: How to Navigate Employee Compensation

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As we enter the post-pandemic world through 2022, compensation management remains top of mind for employers. Demands for higher wages are evident in our current economy and the job market. Read More

TPC Vision and Your Business

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Originally published 4/14/21. Updated 3/8/22 HR can be a juggling act. Between recruiting, onboarding, and training...not to mention contracts, compensation, culture, and compliance...it can be… Read More

Employee Retention: Be the Company You Would Want to Work For

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Becoming the company you want to work for is a good mindset to have when thinking about how to retain employees in the age of the Great Resignation. Read More

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