Go Paperless: Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly HR Department

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Go Paperless Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendly HR Department

Many companies have turned to paperless solutions for a clean, fast, and efficient onboarding process for new hires. This singular solution works for industries of all sizes, automating processes that can be compromised by human error. In this digital era, automation is the key to increased levels of productivity. Could this be the right solution for your company?

What is Paperless Onboarding?             

Imagine having a unified HR management solution to onboard employees. Your processes would be streamlined without adding the risk of human error. A new employee would be able to complete paperwork in a timely manner with automated reminders. On the HR side, the team will be able to track progress in a safe and secure environment. This is a solution that offers flexibility while adhering to any formal or federal guidelines.

Benefits of Paperless Onboarding

Paperless onboarding solutions are fast, user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective. There are no paper or printing costs, providing an eco-friendly environmental solution. Additional benefits include:

  • Accessibility: Everything can be handled on one onboarding platform. With an automated platform, new hires are more engaged. The user experience from using a paperless onboarding software not only offers personalization but tracks in real-time. New hires and current employees feel empowered because they can access and provide information right away. This encourages consistent communication between the management team and employees.

  • Security: Since this is a cloud-based system, all forms are digitized to eliminate scanning, printing, and filing. Everything is electronic and encrypted, keeping sensitive data and personal information secure. Human resources departments are often under scrutiny due to compliance controls. Regulatory agencies issue severe penalties due to paperwork errors. In fact, 46% of organizations waste time on paperwork that should be automated.

  • Customization: The HR team can create customized onboarding workflows that can serve as a guide for the new employee. This tracks their progress throughout the process. This software can also work with other HR processes to maintain continuity for all employees. Many companies use this to keep track of performance appraisals, management of training protocols, self-service for employees, and other areas. This is one of the best ways to demonstrate how your company embraces digital transformation.
How to Implement Paperless Onboarding

Most onboarding tasks are repetitive, so workflows work well with automated processes. Digital onboarding forms, HR workflows, and other onboarding components can be completed without the need for paper. Here are a few suggestions for implementation:

  • Make sure all policies are updated and documented through risk management.
  • Review current onboarding processes to ensure there are no inconsistencies or redundancies.
  • Create a detailed roadmap of the process.
  • Create templates and include videos for new hires to watch.
  • Test, test, and test again using different workflows and individuals.
  • Implement training sessions for HR staff.
  • After system implementation, get feedback from native users.
  • Review processes and correct where needed.

If your company still uses traditional onboarding methods, chances are you could benefit from implementing a paperless onboarding system. With more hybrid workplaces now is the best time to implement paperless onboarding so new hires can onboard from the comfort of their home or the office and everyone receives the same experience. The HR team can transition seamlessly into the new platform, freeing up time to focus on other tasks. If you are looking for a transparent, effective way to automate your HR processes, it is easy to transition into a paperless onboarding solution.

While there are some learning curves, partnering with the right team to provide guidance as you work through implementation is key. Our team of experts at TPC can help implement a system that effectively onboards new hires and works within your existing processes to increase productivity and compliance and ensure we are incorporating your culture into the onboarding process. For more information on how we can assist, contact an associate today.


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