Telematics and Fleet Management Strategies for Your Business

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Telematics and Fleet Management Strategies for Your Business

Fleet management can be stressful. Whether it’s semi-trailer trucks, forklifts, or other equipment, tracking your information can be challenging. Thankfully, technology makes things easy through telematics, an almost indispensable tool for getting things done more efficiently and effectively with reduced stress.

What is Telematics?

Telematics systems track trucks, delivery vehicles, and manage shipments without constant communication with the drivers. This system utilizes a GPS tracking device to send, receive, and store telemetry data to keep real-time tabs on valuable construction, warehousing, and fulfillment equipment for consistent visibility and improved productivity.

The advantage of having a telematics system is that it captures automated updates on a vehicle’s location at regular intervals, relaying onboard and driver-generated data such as logins, logouts, engine performance diagnostics, and driver fatigue reports. The system provides detailed insights into all the vehicles in the fleet to minimize risk and improve operational expenses.

What types of components are in a telematics system?

Most systems carry the following:

  • GPS tracking device
    This is otherwise known as a Global Positioning System. This helps establish people and locations. It tracks timing, navigation, positioning, and delivery data.
  • Fleet communications software system
  • Engine interface
    Input/output interface
  • SIM card
What are the benefits of telematics?

These systems pay for themselves with increased operating efficiency. Location-based tracking helps managers always know where company assets are. The location data is valuable to managers who are responsible for real-time routing. Additional benefits include:

Improved efficiency and productivity

Companies can reroute drivers for faster routes and make sure drivers are fully coherent and avoid fatigue. The system can determine how much braking takes place, the speed of the truck, and whether the seat belts are being used. This also helps with driver behavior, maintenance of trucks, and other equipment.

In terms of maintenance, breakdowns are lessened, and preventative measures are scheduled in advance. When issues arise, the system alerts the office to enhance safety. Brake and engine malfunctions, tires low on air or other wheel-related instances are all transmitted directly to the office. Another advantage the system gives to trucking companies is the ability to locate the truck anywhere. In cases of theft, this makes things easy.

Communication between the office and drivers is also improved, keeping routes on track and high customer service standards.

Automation of payroll management

Payroll management can be cumbersome. By using a telematics system, trucking companies can streamline the payroll process. Employee records can be automated, alleviating any errors that can occur from manual entry. By the system accurately tracking who drove the truck, how long it was driven, and how far, calculating payroll becomes easy.

Reduction in fuel and operational expenses

Drivers tend to waste fuel when allowing the truck to idle for long periods of time. The system can take control of the time an engine is allowed to idle. The system can also monitor the consumption of fuel. This helps with pinpointing drivers who need additional training and guidance to use better judgment when operating their vehicles.

The system also tracks delivery times against existing schedules to keep everyone on schedule. This is key. The longer a driver is detained at their destination, the more fuel is burned while costing the company money. Late deliveries also result in poor customer service reviews, which hurts the company.

Telematics can assist with the entire operation beyond tracking vehicles and collecting data. When used effectively, it can become a platform for better management and the operations of your business. To see how telematics can benefit your business at any level, contact our team of human resources experts today!


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