The Benefits of AI Automation in Hiring

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the-benefits-of-ai-automation-in-hiringArtificial Intelligence, known as AI, is transforming HR practices. In fact, AI-powered tools have enhanced candidate sourcing, screening, and experiences to revolutionize the hiring process. By automating time-consuming tasks such as these and providing data-driven insights, AI enables recruiters to work smarter, not harder. 

The benefits include improved efficiency, better candidate experience, reduced bias, and strategic decision-making. Read on to learn more about this AI revolution and its many benefits in the HR hiring sector:recruitment made easy with TPC

Automated Sourcing and Screening

AI can quickly scan thousands of resumes and shortlist top candidates based on the required skills and experience. Natural language processing assesses both hard and soft skills from written content. Overall, this results in faster, more accurate candidate screening.

Practically, this is on the lower side of things, as some higher-demand positions have thousands of applicants. At any rate, to manually go through that many job applications, especially if an HR professional is overseeing the hiring process for several positions, is immensely time-consuming. Thankfully, AI can take over the time-consuming task of sifting through the applications to arrive at a shortlist of highly qualified candidates. This gives the HR professional just a few names (or as many as they want) to follow up with that fit their most desired criteria. 

Enhanced Candidate Experience

AI chatbots provide instant responses to questions posed by candidates, which streamlines communication. Automated updates also keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the process. This creates a more positive candidate experience and builds a positive brand reputation. This process of waiting to hear can be difficult, discouraging, and frustrating for the candidate. When implementing AI, though, not only is the application short-list process quicker, as mentioned above, but also any questions a candidate may have about the job are much more streamlined, cutting down on delays, confusion, and discouragement. 

Data-Driven Decisions

AI collects and analyzes recruiting metrics to offer insights. Predictive analytics forecasts hiring needs and identifies issues. This enables data-driven, strategic HR decisions. Predictive analytics utilize a company’s historical data to make predictions on future hiring needs and to create preferred qualifications for that candidate. It is made possible by collecting large volumes of data and then using that data to derive the applicable information that is useful for predicting future needs, helping to get ahead of the decision-making process. 

This can even help an HR predict, based on the history of their hiring cycles and more when key positions are likely to become vacant and what is upcoming in terms of the brand’s future hiring needs. It can also predict the overall long-term performance of a potential new hire, giving insight into what a potential hire could bring to the company, not just in the present but for years to come. In addition, it helps quantify which roles in the company are most necessary for the continuance of the business, meaning which are most vital and, therefore, should be filled quicker than other roles if vacant. time and attendance tracking with TPC

Reduces Bias for Fair Hiring

AI helps remove unconscious human bias from the hiring process. Algorithms ensure fair, objective candidate screening. As a result, this promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace and throughout the hiring process. In the traditional hiring process and application screening, studies have shown that significant unconscious bias is present in most cases. This bias is primarily against women, older workers, and minorities. Thankfully, by implementing AI in the screening process, a human’s natural and unconscious bias no longer plays a part in what candidates get shortlisted for further evaluation. Instead, each candidate is unbiasedly considered based solely on their qualifications, experience, and more. 

It’s important to note, though, that AI, as an unbiased tool, only works as far as its algorithms allow. This means that biased algorithms can be implemented in the process. The most arduous example was the Amazon case, where the brand was rightly criticized for its male-hiring algorithm.  However, while it is virtually impossible to correct a human’s natural bias, it is very possible to correct a faulty algorithm and identity biases within the AI process. This then can be adjusted to ensure a fair hiring process. It’s just worth noting that the algorithm has to be set properly to ensure no bias. 

Increased Efficiency

Automating administrative tasks like scheduling frees up recruiters to oversee other tasks. This allows a higher-level hiring strategy to come into focus. In turn, this increased efficiency will reduce costs and overhead expenses. AI can be used in many elements of the recruitment process, not merely in short-listing candidates. It can also free up professionals to do the more human side of the process, like talking to candidates or interviewing them, instead of spending too much time on administrative tasks associated with recruitment. 

Recruitment is still primarily a human-to-human, relationship-building endeavor. Thankfully, though, AI can be a great aid, streamlining the process and freeing up the human recruiter to give more of themselves to potential candidates. This, in turn, helps increase hiring efficiency while also enhancing the relationship side of things, which is beneficial for both the candidates and the recruiter. 

Embracing The AI Revolution

By integrating AI into recruiting workflows, companies can work smarter. AI automates arduous tasks, enhances experiences, reduces unconscious bias, and provides insights, giving users a competitive edge. Let us at TPC, where we are More Than Payroll, help you embrace all AI can do within the hiring process to make it more fluid, efficient, and productive. Contact us today to learn more about the many AI tools now available. Free human resources tools from The Payroll Company

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