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FAQ HR Managed ServicesYou may be curious, and are asking, what exactly is "HR Managed Services". HR Managed Services, for our team, means providing overall HR support and guidance so you can focus on your people.  For your team to be successful, TPC’s HR management services give you that workforce edge by seamlessly integrating everything from hire to retire – and all that happens in between - all in one place. It’s a good mix of tech and HR experts that support you and your growing team! We've listed out some more detailed, frequently asked questions we often receive in regards to the subject of HR Managed Services:

What are the benefits of outsourcing my HR?

The benefits of partnering with an HR Managed Services provider are many. Here are a few that our clients have shared with us:

  • You have an HR Expert you can call.
  • Our clients sleep better at night knowing they have an HR team to support them with any employee issue.

  • Stop Googling for HR Answers and call or e-mail our team for direction.
  • Multi-State? No problem!

  • Confidently stay in legal compliance.

  • Recruit, cultivate, and manage a thriving team. 

  • Save time.

  • Paying for our services is often more affordable than hiring full-time HR employees. 

  • Be pro-active, and not re-active. 

  • Gain more automation with a human touch.

  • Take Your HR department from tactical to strategic.

Will I be able to maintain control of my employees? 

Absolutely. You never lose control of your employees. Your TPC Vision representative is there for you as an ongoing resource to guide, offer feedback, and answer questions. We'll coach and train to help you leverage all the resources you'll have available through your partnership with TPC Vision.

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How will I know if outsourcing HR is the right fit for my company?

The only way to know for sure is to talk with one of our HR experts. We have a wide range of experience with all different sizes of businesses in a wide variety of industries. We can share what we've learned in working with businesses like yours and answer any questions you may have. 

Why should I choose HR Managed Services with TPC?

TPC Vision was started in response to client demand and the rigors of a constantly changing labor and HR climate. Over the years, our clients needed and expected more. We carefully analyzed the HR services industry and identified gaps in the market. Many businesses didn’t have a dedicated HR role and or just stuck the “HR Title” on someone as a promotion. But in many instances, that person really has little to no HR experience.  We have identified this gap and are able to bring HR structure, policies, procedures, and processes to a business to help protect the owner and their employees. 

How do I get started? 

Simply let us know you'd like to talk with someone from our team about how TPC Vision services can work with your business. To do that, simply fill out this form. One of our HCM experts will be in touch to meet you and discuss the right fit for your business. Give us an opportunity to learn more about your business. We promise, we won’t bite, and you’ll probably be surprised! 


Originally published 1/18/22 - Updated 9/8/23

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