12 Tips for Getting Employees to Stay Long Term

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Finding new employees is an arduous task in today’s ultra-competitive market. If you find your turn-over rate is less than desirable and find yourself always having to look for new employees to fill vacancies, consider the following 12 ways to entice employees who are already present to stay longer.

Today, you must convince employees that your company brand is different, that you are offering more than other companies, that you are the place to work. However, all that effort, all that planning and investing in recruiting doesn’t do you a lick of good if employees are treating your business like a turn stall, exiting the back door as quickly as they enter the front. By the time you find a good candidate, welcome them on board, and invest countless hours in training...the last thing you want to do is have to repeat the entire process a year later. Based on our experiences, the following 12 strategies will help increase retention...and save your business money in the long run. 

1. Hire Slow

Take your time with the hiring process. Make sure employees are a good fit before hiring. Don’t be afraid to let several people in on the interview process and then compare notes. Have a plan for your hiring process and work that plan...it will keep you from making a poor decision simply because you need the help. It pays to take the time  and expend the extra effort to make sure there's a good fit. 

2. Onboard Well

Put a system in place that makes a good impression and sets people up to succeed from the get-go. Too many companies don't expend the effort to welcome someone and get them established from the beginning, thinking they don't have time. By setting up an agenda for the first week at least, you present an organized approach that shows someone new that you care about their success. 

3. Fire Fast

If an employee isn’t working out, don’t wait to fire. We get it. It doesn’t feel good to fire anyone. You hope they will get better. Or maybe you keep a bad apple in the basket just because of the effort it takes to find a new one. Go ahead and fire an employee that isn’t working out. Your company culture should be preserved at all costs, and one bad fit can undermine your effort, leaving a lasting bad taste for a long time to come.

4. Be Flexible

When possible, be flexible with working hours and other aspects of the job that can be altered. Employees will appreciate your flexibility and this will make them want to stay put longer than if you are too stringent about hours and/or days worked etc. 

5. Promote From Within

When there is an opening, before looking outside your company, consider  current employees. There is nothing worse than being “overlooked” for promotion and having your superiors hire someone who has not been there. Value your employees’ loyalty and hard work and give them the first chance at any open positions. 

6. Prioritize Fun

Life is too short to make work boring. With the many hours you and your employees spend working each and every day, it’s important to integrate fun into the mix. 

7. Be Thankful

It was once said that “a person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.” This quote showcases the immense importance of being thankful and showing appreciation to your employees. They work hard, don’t neglect a simple “thank you” now and then. 

8. Always Be Training

It’s a great idea to keep training, even once employees are well-versed in what to expect from their jobs. Offer cross-training promotional opportunities, establish good habits, make sure protocols are understood from the very beginning. 

9. Culture Trumps Compensation

While money is necessary—as employees won’t show up for the fun of it—compensation isn’t the be-all and end-all of the job. In fact, even when paid well, if you treat your employees badly, they will end up walking. Culture trumps compensation every day of the week. 

10. But Don’t Ignore Compensation

With that being said, don’t neglect compensation! Make sure your employees earn a fair, living wage that allows them to pay bills and take care of their families. Of course, their compensation should be in correlation to their responsibilities and position in your company. Make sure your company stays competitive with others and offers good benefits and compensation packages to your valued employees. 

11. Management by Walking Around (MBWA)

As a manager or owner, don't make the mistake of sitting at your desk behind a closed door. Instead, get up and walk around. Pay attention, listen, ask questions, laugh, interact with employees and customers and be a MBWA manager!  

12. Communication Works

The only thing worse than no communication is the illusion of communication where you only think it exists. Make sure you have all your bases covered and communicate in a healthy manner with employees and company leaders alike. 

It’s tough out there. If you have any further questions or need help retaining employees or recruiting new ones, contact TPC today. We are happy to help you create an environment where employees will want to stay put! 


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