Where Do I Find My Best Employees?

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Did you know that the cost of hiring a new employee can range from $4,000 to $7,650 in today’s competitive market? Did you also know that it takes on average between 40 and 52 days to fill a vacant position, especially when you are handling job postings internally? That’s right, not only is finding the right employee time-consuming, it’s also expensive.

Add to that the fact that hiring the wrong employee can cost you big—averaging nearly $15,000 according to Career Builder— and you can understand how important getting the hiring process right is to the success of your company.  Unfortunately, the tried-and-tried methods of yesterday don’t work like they used to, meaning simply placing an ad on Indeed alone probably won’t be enough to find you the best possible employee for your position, though it is a big part of finding that person. Instead, today, finding the right employee has a great deal to do with branding. 

Job Placement

When you place an ad for your open job position, you are communicating what makes your brand different. Who your brand is, what it stands for, etc. Remember, recruitment for new employees is marketing. You are in essence “selling” your business, your brand, the open position to potential candidates. Once you have your job posting ready, consider getting the word out by posting it on the following locations:

  • Job Boards: Many are free to use after opening an account. Check out colleges and universities in your area.
  • Social Media: Get the word out that you are ready to hire and have open positions. You can even have your current employees share your postings with their social network.
  • Referrals: Offer current employees incentives for telling people about open jobs within the business. This can be a bonus, cash reward, extra PTO time, paid lunch, company swag or something similar.

  • Candidate Database: This is a prescreened list of potential candidates for your open position. 

  • Events: Don’t forget about career days, job fairs and the like. These are ways you can get in front of real people and let them get to know you as a brand. This is also a good way to get to know potential hires off paper and in person.

Stats About Job Placement

The most important factor about job placement ads isn’t about WHERE you place the ads per se but instead HOW you place said ads. To better understand the vast importance of the how, consider the following applicable statistics:

  • More people apply to mobile-friendly job applications by nearly 11.6% when compared to others who aren’t mobile-friendly or are not advertised as such according to Glassdoor. 
  • Some 51% of job seekers say they are more attracted to a company that posts job listing using visual elements like videos, images or both according to Software advice.
  • Some 35% of all applicants prefer applying to potential jobs via their phones according to Glassdoor

Company Branding

We mentioned it already up above, but this one point is so vital it merits additional focus. It’s immensely important that you position yourself as the employer of choice. To do this, talk about what you can offer an employee that might make them choose to work for you over another business. Define who you are as a brand. You must be considered a quality employer if you want to attract quality employees. Consider how your company could promote and present itself in the following ways:

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Careers page on your website.
  • Employee benefits packages.
  • Non-traditional benefits.

Once you consider the above elements and what your brand offers within each category, spread the word. Tell potential candidates everything you can about all the benefits you offer, employee packages, etc., and do so through your career pages, social media presence and blog posts. 

Bottom Line: Recruitment Can Help You in Many Ways

Not only can high-quality recruitment help you obtain new employees, it can also help you retain your current ones and keep them happy. For a single platform that will help you develop and track your recruitment campaign that works, contact TPC today!


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