A Delicate Situation: An Employee Off-Boarding Process Checklist

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A Delicate Situation An Employee Off Boarding Process ChecklistDepartures are always a bittersweet process, especially when you don’t want to let an employee go but have no choice, or they decide to leave or retire.

Thankfully, this delicate situation can be made easier with an effective off-boarding process in place. Read on to learn more and to find our checklist to make the process go as smoothly as possible:

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Why a Proper Off-Boarding Process Matters

Creating a smooth off-boarding process can be just as important to your company overall as welcoming new employees. You want to perfect this process to ease the transition when employees leave, ensuring that knowledge is transferred and no tasks the employee was responsible for are left unassigned. You also want to ensure the security of your company by preventing data leaks. Above all else though, you need to make sure employees leave on good terms, no need to burn a bridge!

Steps to Include in Your Off-Boarding Process: Off-Boarding Checklist

Follow the helpful steps below to create a more smooth off-boarding process:

  • Share the News Quickly: It can be tempting to wait to tell your team that an employee is leaving until the last possible minute. However, this delay just makes things harder. When you know an employee is leaving, go ahead and get the details, such as when is their last day, and who will be taking over their responsibilities until another person can be hired? If you wait to share the news, employees will tend to fill in the unknown details on their own, which can lead to misinformation.

  • Get the Paperwork Ready: Next, is the evil, dreaded deed of paperwork. Ensure you have a letter of resignation or termination, a nondisclosure or non-compete agreement signed (if applicable), and have benefits documents, like retirement plan transfer and unemployment insurance information. Departing employees must be told if they have continued health coverage as part of their benefits. 

  • Begin the Process of Knowledge Transfer: A good employee has likely created some unique ways to get their job done, in some cases more effectively than they were taught originally. If this is the case, transferring their knowledge to whoever is going to take over their responsibilities is vital. Otherwise, the knowledge they have garnered through doing their job well will be lost when they leave. This might involve training another employee on various systems that the former employee used, so now, not later is the time to begin this process.

  • Complete an Exit Interview: Many consider exit interviews a pointless formality. However, a properly handled exit interview can be an invaluable tool for your organization, highlighting weaknesses you didn’t know were there.The-Payroll-Company-Subscribe-To-Our-Blog

  • Recover Any Company Assets: Before an employee leaves make sure you recover any company assets they might have in their possession, this includes physical assets as well as the rights to network or software services. Don’t forget about company laptops, uniforms, bags, ID badges, security cards or keys. 

  • Let Loose With Some Fanfare: Finally, after taking care of all practical aspects of off-boarding, have a bit of fun with your employee who is leaving, especially if they are long-tenured. Have a party, tell them you will miss them, leave an impression that your company values and respects their employees, even when they choose to leave.

Tackling Too Many HR Processes Manually Can Negatively Impact a Business

Using software to help automate some of your off-boarding tasks can help you stay on track and focus on the relationship side of an employee leaving. 

Refine Your On and Off-Boarding Processes With TPC

Keeping track of all these tasks for every employee who leaves your organization can be a logistical nightmare when done improperly. That is why it is important to have quality support to help you put the right systems in place. Our team at TPC has years of experience putting HR Managed Solutions for businesses of all kinds, including on and off-boarding processes backed by automated software, but with a personal touch.


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