You've Been Burned: How to Move Forward After a Bad HR Experience

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Youve Been Burned How to Move Forward After a Bad HR ExperienceIt can be extremely discouraging to have a bad experience outsourcing your HR and payroll. Fortunately, there are ways you can learn from your bad experiences, even if they happened through no fault of your own. While it can understandably be hard to trust again, it is important to move forward and not to assume any and all payroll services will do you wrong. Here are some ways to bounce back and have a more successful go of it the next time: 

1. They Didn’t Understand How to Recruit For Your Company

In some cases, even well-meaning outsourcing companies can fail to understand how to recruit for your company’s needs. In fact, sometimes even with an HR department, there is a bit of a disconnect between HR employees and other employees. Therefore, it’s important to understand the culture of a business to be able to recruit the right employees who fit in well. After all, the success of your business will rely heavily on the performance of your employees. Therefore, if you are hiring the wrong kind of employees for your business, things won’t go as planned. Any outsourcing company should understand the nuances of your business and know exactly the type of person they are recruiting to fulfill each role. 

2. There Was a Strong Disconnect Between HR and Employees


As mentioned previously, there is sometimes a disconnect or distance between a business’s regular employees and those working in HR. This is even more true if you have outsourced your HR duties to an offsite company. Employees likely feel their voices are not heard and their preferences not heeded. Sometimes, employees get nervous too when you outsource one role, thinking perhaps maybe their role or job will be next on the chopping block. Make sure you communicate with your employees that you are not going to outsource their roles and that you still value their contributions and desire to know their preferences, even if certain HR responsibilities are outsourced. 

3. There was a Leak of Sensitive Information

Employee information like social security numbers, bank account information, salaries, insurance information, and the like are all part of the standard information HR has on each employee. Unfortunately, in some cases through the process of outsourcing HR duties, this information can fall into the wrong hands. That is why it’s immensely important that you choose an HR service that is highly knowledgeable and has a history of professionalism you can look to in order to give them your trust and that of your employees. While you can’t prevent every data breach of sensitive material, you can make sure your sensitive information is protected as you begin an outsourcing relationship.  

4. Things Became Dependent and Then it Backfired

Your organization might have become dependent on your provider and subsequently gave them a little too much control. We are not placing the blame on you here. It happens, and no one is perfect. However, if the company you trust with your outsourcing falls through, fails, or doesn’t work out, you want to make sure your business still has everything you need to keep operating smoothly as a company.

Outsourcing Can Still be The Right Option for Your Growing Business

We can empathize with you if you have had a bad experience with outsourcing in the past. However, our team at TPC is eager to earn your trust. We aren’t rookies when it comes to helping businesses succeed. In fact, we have over 20 years of experience doing just that. Since we know it can and should be a positive experience if entered correctly, we encourage you to outsource your payroll and HR managed services once again. If you are ready to give it another go, we would love to start a conversation.


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