The Best TED Talks About Human Resources

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the-best-ted-talks-about-human-resourcesAs a human resource professional, you have likely heard of the famous TED Talks, where an idea is presented in 18 minutes or less in video format via a daily podcast. TED, standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design, was an annual event devoted to spreading ideas via powerful, short talks, i.e. “TED Talks.” Now, it has taken on a broader appeal and takes place via satellite events around the world and in podcast format.

New call-to-actionIn short, TED Talks present concepts, ideas, and research by industry leaders. These ideas come from a variety of disciplines and explore how they all connect. Thankfully, along with many other genres, TED Talks have ventured into the subject of Human Resources and come up with some extremely helpful TED Talks related to the industry.

Business owners or those working within human resources will want to watch and learn from each of these impactful videos:

How Great Leaders Inspire Action: Simon Sinek


Beginning with the golden circle of “why,” Simon Sinek communicates a powerful conceptual blueprint for leaders to put into practice and inspire action. This TED Talk entitled How Great Leaders Inspire Action uses examples like the Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King, and Apple, and even includes a counterpoint featuring Tivo. These ideas will inspire those who are leaders to use more effective methods to inspire motivated action.

Forget The Pecking Order at Work: Margaret Heffernan


In this powerful TED Talk, noteworthy business leader Margaret Heffernan explores what motivates the most high-achieving teams in the business world. She explains how many of today’s businesses use “the super chicken model,” placing value on star employees who outshine the rest. Her TED Talk entitled Forget The Pecking Order at Work explains why this isn’t the most effective way to drive a team. Instead, it’s social cohesion, built in a team environment where each employee helps another and gets to know each other.

Color Blind or Color Brave? Melody Hobson


Color Blind or Color Brave? by Melody Hobson is an engaging, persuasive talk that presents the idea that speaking openly about race, especially with regard to hiring diversity, can make for a better society and better businesses. This topic is one that demands more attention within the business industry and Melody Hobson does a great job presenting the topic in a persuasive and succinct manner.

The Workforce Crisis of 2030: Rainer Strack


This TED Talk by human resources expert Rainer Strack entitled The Surprising Workforce Crisis of 2030-And How to Start Solving it Now, is charming yet data filled and communicates the fact that if nothing is done to change the trajectory, by 2030, many of the world’s largest economies will find themselves with more job vacancies than adult citizens available to do the jobs.

Solutions are also offered to get ahead of the problem now, before it begins to impact economic growth worldwide by changing the culture of business, opening up borders, and being willing to utilize mobile workers who are willing job seekers.

The Way We Think About Work is Broken: Barry Schwartz


According to this TED Talk video by Barry Schwartz entitled The Way We Think About Work is Broken, the current way workers are considered is outdated and even broken. Many workers today are seen as mere cogs on a wheel. In addition, apart from a paycheck, there is little focus on the intangible values of workers. This video explores this issue and how to go about reshaping the way we think about work and begins with Barry asking “why do we work?”

Listen and Learn

While you might be immensely experienced within the human resource or business fields, it’s a wise investment of your time to listen to these TED Talks as they will expand your mind and improve your company culture. After all, as a human being intent on continuing to improve and thrive, there is no last call on learning or end of the growth process.

Therefore, take advantage of these resources and put these groundbreaking ideas into practice within your business today to create an environment conducive to growth and upward mobility.


Originally published 10/31/23 - Updated 12/22/23

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