Rural Recruitment: Challenges and Tips for Success

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Rural Recruitment Challenges and Tips for SuccessRecruiting in rural areas can come with a unique set of challenges. Of course, whether you are located in a rural area or not and your business’s success and reputation are vital, which presents all the more reasons to hire a quality team. Therefore, it’s important to understand how best to recruit for your business, no matter what challenges you might face, be they geographical or otherwise. In order to recruit in a rural area, you will likely have to think outside the box a bit and put in extra work to be successful. Download-your-free-ebook-Recruiting-Strategies-That-Work

The Challenges of Rural Recruiting

Recruiting is a challenge for many companies that are located in rural areas. Rural areas obviously have a lower population, meaning fewer people are moving into the area when compared to metro areas. This means that there are fewer options when it comes to available talent. So, what can you do to ensure that your company is still acquiring the quality talent you need? Read on for some helpful tips for either rural recruiting or help for metro businesses looking to recruit remote workers from rural areas:

1. Recruit With Retention in Mind

Ideally, you will want to recruit employees with retention in mind. You don’t want to merely fill positions with random individuals who are not ideally suited for the job. Instead, your goal is to find the right talent for your business’s needs, not only now but for future needs as well. Don’t make the mistake of thinking only of the here and now when hiring new workers. Also, don’t approach the hiring process assuming that you can merely find new talent at a moment's notice. Instead, value the immense contributions the right employee can make to your business.

2. Promote and Highlight Your Local Community

While the metro area offers much in the way of entertainment and transportation options, there is just something inherently special about a small town. The laid-back lifestyle that is enjoyed in rural areas, along with the natural beauty all around, is worthy of admiration. Don’t be shy in highlighting your own local community when seeking to bring in or retain talent.

3. Fine-Tune Your Job Descriptions

Make sure your job descriptions are accurate and comprehensive. While it doesn’t have to be a chapter book descriptive narrative, make sure that the duties are outlined in a detailed manner for new hires. Also, make sure you think about the duties of each employee and really take time to determine what each person’s role will be in your business.TPC Homecoming offer for past clients

4. Offer a Competitive Benefits Package

It might be difficult for you to compete with larger metro businesses when it comes to benefits packages. However, attempt to remain competitive, this is especially true when compared with other rural businesses in your same area. Offer a good salary and benefits on top of that to entice workers to choose your company as their employer.

5. Consider a Remote Workforce

Even with your best efforts, you might still be unable to find enough local talent to fulfill every need in your business. One way to get around this issue is to set up a remote workforce. You can use the talent you have locally to work in person and then use remote workers to meet any additional needs. Of course, you could opt to go completely remote, which means your employees could be spread across the nation or a combination.  

6. Outsource Your HR and Recruitment Services

Finally, when trying to stay competitive as a rural business, you face many challenges, which include overseeing vital HR and recruitment services. Why not outsource these services to professionals who are highly qualified to focus on just these needs? This can be one way to get around the need for a full-fledged HR department and can keep your business competitive when it comes to employee recruitment.

Bottom Line: Rural Recruitment is Challenging But Not Impossible

To be successful in recruiting rural talent, follow the tips listed above and hire an HR or recruiting professional who has proven success in this area. Contact us today to learn more!Free human resources tools from The Payroll Company

Originally published 10/29/21 - Updated 7/18/23

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