How to Get Buy-in From Your CEO to Make HR Change

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How to Get Buy-in From Your CEO to Make HR ChangeWhile it may seem easier to just do it yourself, “winging it” has never been the smart approach when it comes to HR management. HR management requires immense attention to detail and an expert knowledge base. 

This fact has led some 87% percent of executives to outsource their major HR function, which is money well spent in most cases. In fact, if you find yourself in a situation where your company CEO or other leaders are reluctant to make such a change to your company’s HR management, you are in a tough spot, knowing that your company would benefit from such resources but being unable to get them to understand this fact. Thankfully, we know just what you're up against and have put together a list of tips to get you heading in the right direction and hopefully successfully help your company transition to outsourcing the all-important human resource management of your company.

First, Frame the Need & Use Metrics

In some cases, your company leadership might not realize there is an issue with the way things are currently being handled. Therefore, an important part of helping them buy into the idea of outsourcing your human resources needs is to deliver important metrics, such as the cost of turnover, time to hire, and revenue generated by employees, to name a few. This will place the initiative for an HR change within the framework of your company’s overall success and big picture outlook.

What you specifically share will depend on what specifically will motivate your company leadership. For example, if your CEO values employee retainment, you could share how the technology available when outsourcing your HR typically reduces the amount of turnover in a company and improves employee retention overall. This means more firm bonds are established with clients and employees are happier to do their jobs and to stay put in said job. If your company leaders care more about tax compliance or factors like that, then consider using stats that show how beneficial HR management is in that regard.

Get Your Timing Right

There is a good time and a bad time of day for virtually anyone and that can fluctuate each day. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read your CEO or company leader and determine if now is a good time to approach them with a new idea or concern pertaining to human resources. You could also make an appointment with them, so you aren’t catching them in the middle of something. 

Communicate Needs Specifically and Clearly

When you do get your chance to speak about outsourcing HR or the problems that might exist with your current setup, be prepared. Make sure you have rehearsed and planned out what you want to say. Don’t think you can just work off the cuff. While that might be true for some people, most of us get a bit tongue-tied and tend to forget important factors if we don’t practice. Therefore, make sure you are well-equipped through practice and rehearsal to communicate organizational needs clearly with specific examples of things that can and should be improved upon. It’s also a great idea to bring data with you that supports your framework for making a change.

Suggest Your Solutions

Research effective solutions to the things that need to be improved upon with regard to your company’s HR management. This often means outsourcing your HR, but there are some other options that could include partnering with an HR agency that provides software and other HR solutions for your company to utilize. Be sure you are ready to provide the HR solution once you point out the problem. 

Gather Quotes and Contacts

Finally, gather quotes for services and agencies needed to make the HR change best suited to your company’s needs. If you are looking to outsource your HR, find an HR provider or consulting agency and reach out to them for a detailed quote. 

Bottom Line: Getting a Buy-in is Worth Your Effort

It is vital to stay compliant and accurate when it comes to your company’s HR management. By following the steps listed above, you will be better equipped to effectively communicate this fact to your CEO or other company leaders. If you are looking for an all-in-one HR management solution, reach out to our team of experts consultants at TPC today.


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