Does Your Business Have a Post-Pandemic Plan?

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One year ago this month, governors across the country mandated that some businesses temporarily close their doors to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Maybe you were one of them and did not know for sure that you would be able to reopen your business after dealing with months of lost revenue.

The last few months have seen the threat of COVID-19 subsiding and vaccinations becoming widely available in most states. Business owners are just completing their first quarter of 2021 and looking ahead to the second quarter. How do you move forward as a business owner in these challenging times? Here at The Payroll Company (TPC), we highly recommend creating a post-pandemic business plan.

COVID-19 Changed the World

Many things that companies did during the pandemic will likely become new practices, such as videoconferencing. This is especially relevant considering that many business owners have opted to have employees continue working from home indefinitely.

The use of other technology during the pandemic like remote time tracking software and cloud-based collaboration programs for teams will likely remain common practices as well. With the challenges of managing employees from home and in different locations across the country, more businesses turned to human resources outsourcing during the pandemic to help them remain focused on their core business elements.

TPC Has the Resources to Help You Create a Post-Pandemic Plan

If there is one thing we have found to be true about American business owners, it is that they are extremely resilient. This was never more obvious than in the first days and weeks of the pandemic when employers suddenly had to manage dozens or hundreds of people working from home.

With no time to plan for the change, business owners went with the flow the best they could. At the same time, they soon discovered challenges that probably never crossed their mind before the pandemic. Here are just some examples.

  • How do managers monitor and enforce attendance policies when no one is working in the same physical location?
  • What is the best way to establish regular meetings using technology such as Zoom?
  • How will human resources, and specifically the functions of talent acquisition, employee onboarding, and benefits administration, look in a post-pandemic world?

We understand your pain points here at The Payroll Company and offer a complete HR solution for employers with five to 500 employees and those with over 500 employees. Instead of only creating checklists, forms, and job descriptions, TPC offers clients that opt for the ultimate HR solution an experienced representative dedicated only to their HR needs. You can also choose à la carte HR services while keeping some functions in-house. Here is a complete list of our services.

Benefits Administration

Because we work with hundreds of insurance carriers, TPC can negotiate a better rate on employee benefits to save your company money. We also handle benefit processing on your behalf.


TPC handles the entire payroll process, including calculating pay, deductions, and submitting payroll tax payments and reports to the proper taxing authorities.


With the typical cost of hiring an employee as high as $7,000, TPC utilizes strategies to bring costs down while still finding you the best candidates. We post your openings to hundreds of sites with just one click.


Business culture makes a difference, and TPC will work with your company to ensure it is as attractive as possible to new hires and existing employees.

Time and Attendance

Your employees can log in to our platform to record their hours, request time off, and track vacation time. That means no more timecards or paper time-off requests to track down.

HR Managed Services

TPC Vision provides the knowledge and resources to recruit and retain top talent. This ultimate Human Resources solution more than customized job descriptions, onboarding forms and checklists. We pair you with a dedicated HR representative who will help you navigate your entire relationship with your employees...from hire to retire. 

With locations throughout the Midwest, The Payroll Company is available now to discuss the creation of a post-pandemic business plan. Please contact us to learn more.



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