How to Manage Your Company's Payroll from Home

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Throughout the spring of 2020 and beyond, many companies found themselves working remotely or perhaps utilizing some sort of hybrid work schedule that had employees working from home at least part of… Read More

TPC Client Spotlight: Bentonville, Arkansas

The Payroll Company TPC, The Payroll Company, Client Spotlight

From our humble beginnings, our team at The Payroll Company has been able to grow astronomically and expand our offices to multiple cities, in multiple states throughout the midwest area. Our office… Read More

7 Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

The Payroll Company Company Culture, HR Management, Remote Employees

Many businesses have chosen to go either partially or fully remote throughout the past year, which of course presents some challenges for traditional management styles. This new remote workforce… Read More

TPC Client Spotlight: Springfield, Missouri

The Payroll Company TPC, The Payroll Company, Client Spotlight

At TPC, we are proud of our roots. From our humble beginnings, TPC was initially just a payroll processor, the guys who made prepping for payday easy. Our objective was to handle the minutiae of all… Read More

Managing COBRA Administration During Mass Resignations

The Payroll Company Human Resources, Benefits, Employee Benefits, HR Management

The pandemic has seen the ushering in of alternative work environments, like working remotely, as well as an immense amount of resignations. The nation is in flux due to the subsequent employee staff… Read More

Not Just a Trend: How to Foster Professional Growth and Development

The Payroll Company Company Culture, Millennials, Employee Retention, Employee Benefits, Training, Development

Professional growth and development refer to both continuing education and career training after a person has entered the workforce. This development can include staying up to date on current trends,… Read More

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