Should You Let Employees Work from Home?

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Whether working from home is good or bad for your employees or your business is a very individual decision. But one thing is for certain: It’s becoming an increasingly popular option. Some employees excel when they can work from home – in their own environment, while others quickly become distracted. Before you decide which is right for your company, it is important to understand the pros and the cons.


Work-from-Home Advantages

  • Attract top talent. The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, so employers need to have an edge to attract the very best candidates. Work from home options entice stellar employees who are looking for a better work/life balance.
  • Increase productivity. While there have been a few contradictory studies, work from home programs generally show that dedicated employees are actually able to increase their engagement and productivity levels.
  • Reduce overhead expenses. For the business, it goes much further than employee motivation. There are also fewer costs related to keeping an office space open. Your investment in technology and other tools is also reduced.

Work-from-Home Cons

  • Increased distractions. As much as productivity increases, there is a level on which working from home can be a major distraction. Employees who have the potential to focus may pay more attention to household chores or other interests.
  • Inability to function with a team. Some remote employees also indicate that they feel they don’t have the same interaction levels as they would have working in an office environment. There are several interactive tools on the market that can help facilitate teamwork.
  • Ergonomics, injury and workers’ compensation risks. Lastly, an employer needs to consider the challenges when it comes to insuring remote workers as well as the lack of control over their office spaces and comfort levels.

Do you think remote working is a fit for your business? There are ways to make it work.



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